Now and Not Yet

Today I heard a great sermon in church, one that resonated with my soul and gave understanding into some verses in Matthew 9.  That whole chapter is about miracle healings, from healing a child who was dead and, a women who had an issue of blood for 12 years, another child who had died, healing two blind men, and healing a man tormented with demons.  Verse 35-36 says Jesus was going through the villages, cities proclaiming the gospel and healing every kind of disease and sickness.  Jesus was filled with compassion for the people and their needs.  

Healings have never been the same as they were when Jesus walked this earth.  In the early years of my salvation I begin to seek out the why.   In the Matthew 9 account of healings Jesus says nothing about any doctors or did He use any medicine to heal.  He touch, spoke few words and miraculous healing happened. Do I believe He could heal with just a word from heaven?  Yes, yes, yes  but I don’t question the why not for the now.  

Understanding these few scriptures put it in to context gives hope for the future.  Jesus was establishing His ministry on earth in these verses.  You might think it was the ministry of healing but it was His ministry of who He is. In verse 35 tells us He was about His Father business and it was not healing.  He was proclaiming the gospel which is who He is, what will happen to Him and what His death and resurrection will bring to all who believe in Him and not the healing.  He was establishing His authority.  

If His main ministry was healing everyone would have gotten healed to this day. Would be no need for doctors, hospital,  nnursing homes and funeral homes.  Ever since the fall of mankind in the garden it was appointed for man to die once, so first we all are going to die.  Also it was appointed for all to  have trouble here on earth before we die. 

 God operates in the Now and Not Yet.

The model of healing Jesus used in Matthew will operate again in its fullness in heaven.  He wants us to focus on Him, here and now in this trouble world.  There is a bigger picture in all this and it became clearer to me when I spent some quality time with the Lord in the hospital with covid.  I cannot tell you how many chances I had to witness to all who came into my room about Jesus.  Nurses would send other nurses to talk to me, not because I was miraculously getting healed but because I was not.  It was not one touch, or one word from any one that got me released from the hospital. It was God using doctors and nurses and medicine that got me to where I was well enough to leave the hospital.  And my part was to give God the glory through it all.  There was no way you were going to leave my room without hearing the name of Jesus probably more then once.  

I am always humbled when God uses me to witness for Him and nothing brings me more joy then to do so.  To see Him in the big picture takes my eyes off me and others and puts my trust exactly where it should be. God waste nothing is one of my favorite quotes and I use it a lot. I have to because He has shown me this truth over and over and over.  
One more quote from the sermon, one I have mentioned in this post already, but deserves to be used over and over.  Christ is the focus in any healing,  not the healing itself.  If we focus in the now, our hardships,  we become hard and will not have compassion on others.  Lets focus on the not yet on a daily bases.  It can bring contentment for the now.  

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