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Since last year I have been looking for direction on finishing my book which I started about 10 years ago. In 2017 I had open heart surgery and the urgency to write my memoir was resurrected and I finally got started on it. Then came the covid and a year of medical issue resulting in 3 stays in hospital last year. Finally I am feeling on top of it again, health wise, not out of the woods yet but I have direction as to some of my why’s, and what to do with the why and a boast from the Lord that He has given me more time here on earth.

Recently I have been doing lots of research on writing a memoir and discovered that I really have my whole first book written. For a memoir is not a bio of my whole life but its about a particular incident or experience of an individual and attempts to highlight a point of view. Where a biography presents chronological event from the life of a particular person without specifically focusing on a particular experience.

Here is the reason why the book is already written. I have used the experience of growing up with an abusive father who called me and my two brother pitiful along with other cruel words and actions that took whatever love one could have for their father and ground it to dirt. I have use that as a platform to help others through counseling, speaking to women gathering So now with a clearer picture of my book I can draw from all the material and focus on that one part of my life.

Forgiveness is the center of my book, the core, the guts as they say. Forgiveness is the key to a healthy life, a life of freedom that is not bound up with bitterness, resentment and all those kinds of emotions that steal a free life.

Now, is there more life to write about, yes, yes, yes? But I had never before thought about writing more then one book which is why I was trying to piece together it all and have been totally overwhelmed. One incident that spanned about four years concerning my Dad would unlock the floodgates of forgiveness, a book, a memoir that I pray I can finish soon, and that it’s contents will help others find forgiveness for what ails their hearts. That is what I have to finish, those four years. Pray for me as I set my sites on that and my health stay good so I can do what God told me 10 years ago to do.

Oh, one more thing. I have an enemy that does not want me to write this book. He uses mind games all the time to get me to put aside a God driven goal. He will tell me, there are so many books just like what you are writing , why one more? You are so inadequate to do this, no training to write. He plays these thoughts and others over and over in my head until I do exactly what I am doing right now, writing and exposing him. He hates anything that will lift up the Lord and put a stop to any glory that would go to Him. He has absolutely no love for me or any of God’s creation, most of all he hates God.

Let me just close with this: it is important to know your enemy as it is to know your Savior. We spend all our time sometimes fighting the physically things such as another person and the enemy of our soul loves it. Two things I know for sure, in whom I have placed my trust in for my soul and life here on earth and my eternity. The other is who my enemy is, the devil, or satan, which ever one you prefer to call him and I will call him out when given the chance and that frees me to hear the direction the Lord wants to give me when I ask.

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  1. Oh Betty this just spoke to my heart! I, too, have a book I have felt called to write around 10 years ago. Every time I go to write, something happens. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we prayed for each other to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives? I cannot wait to read your book! 🙏🏼💕

  2. Lets do it Renee, when you come to mind I will pray for and the needed space to write, you pray the same to me. I am writing the forward on a friend book he is trying to publish. He is such a good writer and as read his book, I thought , now why in the world am I trying to write…thank God I know where that thought came from so I will think on these things that are lovely and of a good report and continue to write. We can look forward to reaching each others books. by the way, where to you live in the states?>

  3. This is wonderful Betty, so glad that it is the journey you have embarked on. Write that book for sure. It’s lovely to see your thought process behind it. And I know something about the words the enemy feeds you. Good thing you can recognise them for the lies they are.

  4. Hi, Betty. Your idea about using one period (of four years) as your ‘text’ sounds great. It’s amazing how much we can see when we look back at what seems to be a limited set of details or circumstances. I wish you courage and grace as you pull it all together. “This is my story, this is my song….” comes to mind!

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