Extension of Life

Stop always expecting your blessings to be financial or materialistic, God just may have added some time to your life instead.


 Have you ever begged God to extend your life?

At almost 74 I have faced some hard health struggles but never felt frail enough that I might die.  

Until recently.

On top of blood pressure issue my kidneys started failing,  infection filled my body and then I caught Covid.  

I begged God with every fiber in my body to extend my life, to let me stay around my family a little longer, to restore me.  I did not ask out of fear but a desire to not go yet.  

I did not hear a voice, feel a touch, get Holy goose bumps, nothing super natural happened.  It still took doctors, medicines, a stay in the hospital and lots of rest, but I am here to tell you God has extended my time here on earth.  

My kidney doctor came in every day and told me how lucky I was because I was slowly getting better.  With a sadness he said, I have signed more death certificate’s in the last few months then all the years of my doctoring.  He said, it had taken a toll on him.  Everyone who worked or came onto the Covid floor had to be garbed in a plastic suit with  plastic head gear with a pump attached to them that pumped cool air into their head gear.  They wore two pair of gloves all the time, taking off the top pair and adding a fresh pair with each new patient.  All the extra work wears on the nerves yet they treated me daily with kindness.  I was never worried that I wasn’t being taken care of.  

  I am beyond grateful for the extra time God has given me. 

 23The steps of a man (or women) are ordered by the Lord who delights in his journey. 24Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, for the LORD is holding his hand.…Psalm 34:23-24

Not only did He give me more time but He is holding my hand as I walk it.  Would you pray I use my time wisely and with purpose?

9 thoughts on “Extension of Life

  1. Lisa, it is by the grace of God I am still here. He did not give me an indication of how long He will let me remain but I will take all time He gives me and to the best of my ability in His strength will use it wisely. Merry Christmas Lisa.

  2. I would argue it’s the doctors and the health care workers on the COVID firing line who need to reflect on being spiritual and their higher purpose. It’s nice to read you value life more since your setback.

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