Dream Christmas Tree

At almost 74 I have had many dreams and after all these years this one just came true.  Can’t remember where I first saw  this but it sparks a vision in my heart.  I am not usually a collector of things because we travel so much.  

Letting go of a dream that is as clear as a bell in your head is not easy but through the years I have learned to be content with a lot of different Christmas tree or be willing to not have one at all.  

Growing up,  Christmas was not a happy holiday day for us due to my abusive Dad.  Maybe that is why I am not a keeper of things, too easy to lose in life.  

We bounced all over the US and later in life my husband and I  became overseas missionaries bouncing from country to country.  It got easier to just sell, give away and leave what ever we used so not to be dragged down with things.  

2012 we were still bouncing back in the states, ended up in southern Ca.  Once again we bought and took others give away and set up house again.  It did not take long  and we realized retiring in Southern California was not an option, too expensive.  We moved up to northern Mn. where our daughter and family live and they redid an old hunters cabin for us to live in.  

  In this last home here on earth I finally got to have my dream Christmas tree which I have posted a picture of.    As I said, I have collected little but a few years ago I started collecting the Willow Tree Nativity figures.  To put them on a wooden tree fills me with joy.  It’s a reminder of what Christmas is all about.  

What always  struck me as I view the birth of Jesus,  is that this baby will someday die for our sin.  He will be beaten near death, made to carry his cross, nails driven in His wrist, a crown of thorns put on His head. He would bleed almost all His blood out of Him.  Then He will die, on a cross made of wood.  He started out in a crude wooden feed trough used as a manger.   As you can tell as you view my tree, it is neither crude and has no blood dripping  from it.  It’s is though, made of simple wood, in the shape of a Christmas tree.  When you take off the nativity piece, there is nothing of beauty about it.   Like any Christmas tree, without lights, ornaments, garland, etc…it is plain without them.  

I wanted my tree this year to be all about Him, when you look at it there is no mistaken what I have on the shelves…the story of Christmas.  From the angels telling the shepherds to the manger filled with animals to the wise men and their gifts.  It’s a story we need to repeat every chance we get.  That baby we celebrate this season is God in the flesh, born of a virgin just as God said He would be, would grow up, preach the gospel, die on a cross but rose again to now sitting at the right hand of His Father.  Soon that baby who grew up will be coming back for us.  Are you ready?

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